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Here are some Camino Tour Reviews from our clients on our fully-guided, private fully-guided and self-guided Camino walking tours. You can also find some great feedback at our 

The greatest experience

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about going to Spain or taking any other trip with Andaspain because it was the greatest experience for us and I cannot wait to go on another trip with you!! Thank you for all that everyone with Andaspain did to make this such a fantastic trip!! It was so well organized and planned and I just cannot say enough good complimentary things about it.

Holly W.
A Longer Last 100KM, June 2018

Forever changed

Andaspain Walking Adventures love what they do and it shows. They are a talented group in so many areas.  They take everything to the next level. Their greatest gift is being “tour guides extraordinaire” and hopefully lifelong friends.  All of us on the Feast Day Celebration 2018 – had the privilege of knowing them and having our lives enriched.  They gave freely of themselves, they made us laugh, they encouraged us each day – and I am forever changed.

Maribeth P.
Feast Day Last 100KM, July 2018

Excellent – Simply brilliant

The quality of the food on the trip? Excellent – (Are you kidding there is no above excellent?) Great!! Enjoyed everything from the local spots that you scoped out to the simply brilliant lunches on the trail.

Paul T.
Every Inch of the Camino Frances, May 2018

I would do it again!

Thank you for your attention to all of the details. Vanessa and Ashleigh made the trip feel very personal. They cared for each and every one of us as if we were family. They brought their personal touches to the meals they prepared and arranged, to the activities in various locations, and in walking the Camino with us.

Martha A.
Best of the Camino, October 2017

Not enough can be said

Our guides are living this trip as far as their love of the experience… without being overboard or disingenuous. I always felt they had a natural feel for our needs & their knowledge of all aspects relating to us & the Camino. The fact it was with Andaspain IS a component of the whole beautiful experience. The intimacy, comfort level, food, comraderie, professionalism.

Denise N.
The Last 100KM, September 2017

Boutique Camino

It was exceptional in every way. I had been in many rural houses and the ones we had were the best, as well as the two hotels. The care from the two guides and “Bruce” was exceptional, as well as the group of people. There was variety and well prepared galician food!!! Loved the Picnic Salads!!! Honestly I cannot think of anything I didn’t like; always there for us tending to every detail. They spoiled us and were very knowledgeable. I am in love with Andaspain!

Cristina P.
The Last 100KM, October 2016

I will be back

The best thing about the trip – The companionship and care of the Andaspain personnel and the feeling of becoming family within our group. Your tours are excellent, every care was to be sure we were safe and cared for. I can think of no practical improvements that you could make. I highly recommend Andaspain to all I meet. It was a wonderful experience. It was great to get to know the Andaspain personnel and become friends. You make every care to make people in the group comfortable and help others along to find their way.

Nick & Susan L.
Every Inch of the Camino, May 2015

It was just perfect

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? I say it was the perfect amount of “guided.” The thought of a “guided trip” made me think of being with a large group and all having to stay together. I loved that you could walk with members of the group and people you met along the way; knowing that the van would be at specific points was comforting. It was just perfect.

Nancy T.
The Last 100KM, September 2013

The perfect company

If you are a University group and you are looking for a quality camino experience for your students that combines academic as well as cultural components, Andaspain is the perfect company to meet your needs. Their guides are more than willing to work with you to meet the educational goals you have set for your group. Their excellent attention to detail allows you to concentrate on the course content knowing everything else will be taken care of to your satisfaction. I highly recommend their services.

Nanette Hanks, Assistant Dean for Curriculum, University of Minnesota
Private Camino Frances, May 2018

Can’t imagine any better

The experience itself was amazing. But certainly Vanessa and Stephanie did everything they could to take care of us, accommodate us and make it fun. I can’t imagine having better guides.

Susan S.
Private Camino Primitivo, May 2018

Perfect balance

Vanessa was without a doubt the finest guide we have ever had or we could have imagined for. Perfect balance of helpful, interesting, trust worthy, confident, and guided us through the walk as first timers, but she also was great at letting us do the Camino in the way we all wanted to.

David B.
Walk to Reconnect - Yoga on the Camino, July 2016

It was all excellent

The best thing about the trip – There was no one best thing – the over all smooth organisation, the locations of our walks, the flexibility to change plans at a minutes notice to suit the group, the top notch accommodation, the endless supply of gourmet meals, the choice of wines, the surprise tours…shall I go on! I have been on many journeys around the world over the years; with groups, with friends and on my own – this trip I have now rated as my best ever!

Joy W.
Private Best of the Camino, June 2016


How would you rate your Camino experience with Andaspain? Excellent, …ok ok, AWESOME! The best thing about the trip – we did not just walk the Camino with AndaSpain…. we EXPERIENCED the Camino thru the walk, food, people, culture and history….. the post “bonding” activity of Tapas Dinner, Lunch at the Market, orientation walk of the old town (yes more walking! yahoo!) and more DRINKS, FOOD and LAUGHTER….

Imperio Family
Private Last 100KM, October 2015

Life long memories

The best thing about the trip – The knowledgeable guides, wonderful food and great people we met along the way. Thank you for helping us make amazing memories for our family. We were worried about doing this with a 13 month old but you alleviated all of our fears and made us feel part of the AndaSpain family whilst there.

Jared, Hilary & Emerson L.
Private Last 100KM, June 2015

Very knowledgable

I would not have been able to walk the Camino without Andaspain. Fantastic. Very personable and generous with time and support; quite amazing. You worked hard for us and made it look so easy. Our group benefitted from their extensive experience with walking tours, the history and culture of Spain, and this pilgrimage in particular. Their hospitality and support helped me get the most of my pilgrimage because they managed the food and accommodation details and let me focus on putting one foot in front of the other and take in the beauty of my surroundings. It was an amazing experience. Thank you for your fantastic service.

Sheila E.
Prouty Project Expedition, June 2015

Kudos to you!

I was really nervous when I booked this trip because of a not-so-great experience we had with another organization several years ago. Thankfully, my doubts were totally erased with how well-organized and professional this trip turned out. The information, hotel accommodations, food, activities and personnel were A ones!

Teresa D.
Guided Camino Yoga Tour, August 2014

Absolutely amazing

Andaspain helped us with a last minute change of plan to make a dream of walking into Santiago possible – that was absolutely amazing – not all companies would have invested that much time and effort in one day to make that possible – thank you so much for that added attention!!!

Catherine C. and Mary H.
Self Guided Camino del Norte, August 2018

Expectations exceeded

We awoke this morning on the ocean in Nova Scotia still marvelling about the entire experience. Everything was perfect from start to finish. We cannot stop talking about the experience!!!!! Can’t say enough good about our experience with Andaspain. It is always a bonus to have all your expectations exceeded by a tour company. Thank you so much!!!! We will certainly contact you if we return to do another portion of the Camino and will highly recommend you to all our friends!

Kathy and Peter L.
Self Guided Last 100 KM, September 2018

I could just enjoy the walk

The materials provided at the start of the trip made it very easy to walk each day (e.g., start and finish of walking path as well as coffee/break stops along the route) and to figure out how to find our hotel each night. You made it so easy to make the trek. I didn’t have to worry about details or logistics, and I could just enjoy the walk. It was a really wonderful experience and one I have already recommended to several other friends.

Jennifer S.
Self Guided Last 100KM, August 2017

We were in the best hands

Kate did a thorough and excellent job planning our trip. We walked with confidence that our baggage would be at the next hotel and the reservations were confirmed. Never an issue! The best thing was knowing every detail was handled and we were in great hands with Andaspain.The itineraries and details Kate sent were complete and easy to understand. The book with hotel details, the luggage tags, pilgrim’s passports, shells, neck scarfs delivered to our first lodging were fantastic.

Mary & Lindsey K.
Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, June/July 2017

Andaspain made it possible

Thanks for helping to make our first Camino a wonderful experience, we appreciate all you did and are so happy we chose to go with Andaspain. The Camino itself was a fantastic experience but Andaspain made it possible because the plans and instructions were clear, the accommodations were good, and the kit was very complete.

Antonio & Mylene M.
Self Guided Camino Portugues, April 2017

It was worry-free

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? (Cycling) The pre-planning of the trip – having someone to be the “on-the-ground” contact who knew all aspects of the trip that needed to be taken care of: consulting about what we wanted and offering options to consider and decide upon, setting up accommodations (and therefore the daily sections we would be covering), renting the bikes and having them at the hotel when we arrived, the fabulous package with the booklet, maps, tips, shells etc…, contact information provided for each stage, the “tour” schedule, payments made to all the services we would be receiving etc. We felt we were in good hands (and we were!!) THANK YOU!!!

Bronwyn R.
Cycling Self Guided Camino Portuguese, October 2016

Hard to put into words

Our self-guided trip was absolutely perfect for our needs. It provided us with enough independence with decision making yet safety and reassurance in knowing there was a lovely place to lay our heads each night-already pre-paid and reserved!! Thank you Kate for all of the guidance you offered us. Truly a magnificent and wonderful experience.

Cathy and Bradley R.
Self Guided Last 100KM, June 2016

I would definitely recommend Andaspain

It was a self guided cycling tour but the best thing was having the peace of mind that we had Kate there for us as back up if anything went wrong or we needed any further help. I would use again if we get the chance in the future. The information was brilliant especially the hotel maps and directions in the folder, this was very helpful.

Michelle and Mark T.
Cycling Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, August 2015

Extremely professional

I was very happy with the quality and it made for a great experience. It was certainly the first class way of walking the Camino but for me and my age, it was the hardest but the best thing I ever did. All I can say is that Kate Goad with there for me every step of the way. The staff was professional and extremely organized which made this journey for me extremely rewarding. The fact that she was an experienced pilgrim helped a great deal and it allowed for me to imagine others doing this same type of walk. I know from talking to other pilgrims that there are many companies that offer this type of service but I was very pleased with my choice for Andaspain.

Diane M.
Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, August 2015

THE BEST specialist agency

Andaspain’s organisation could NOT be faulted. I can’t thank Kate enough. Even when we were mid walk, if I had a query, I’d email her and she would respond immediately. No question was too silly, and she was always there to help us out. Thank you Kate! We have been lucky enough to travel the world extensively. And we have visited some crazy places (Nth Pole, Mt Everest, canoeing the Zambezi to name a few), which have required us utilizing specialist travel agencies. Andaspain and the Camino experience is by far THE BEST specialist agency we have ever used. The attention to detail, price point and the fact that not query/question was too difficult, put it head and shoulders above all the rest.

Louise A. & Wayne E.
Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, August 2015

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