An exquisite experience. 

Once again, you and the Andaspain team have designed and pulled off an exquisite experience.  Every minute of this trip was a true pleasure! Borja and Piero are amazing and took care of every detail—they also prepared the most amazing picnic lunches!!!  I’m already talking to my family about my next Camino excursion with Andaspain!!!

Camino Portuguese, September 2022

I hope our paths cross again.

Special kudos to Borja, who was congenial, organized, flexible and kind. He went out of his way for many of us. Lorenzo certainly has deep knowledge of the Camino and Spanish history and added immeasurably in that regard; his passion is contagious. We loved the food, the lodging, the support. I’m trying to hard to think of a way to improve things, but honestly—it’s not coming to me.

Judy O.
Best of the Camino Frances, October 2022

Magical, beautiful, spiritual, and FUN! 

It was everything I hoped for and more!  Jorge was a 10 out of 10 – he saw to our every need and went well above his job. His picnic lunches were fabulous and his help in ordering a restaurants was so much appreciated. (The guides) were so incredibly knowledgeable, always knew the answers to our questions. I really enjoyed the different types of accommodations – wouldn’t change a thing!

Laid-Back Last 100km, September 2022

Over and beyond their duties…

My experience on the Camino was great. Jorge and Lu were the best guides ever. They went over and beyond their duties to make my experience awesome. All the accommodations were perfect and unique in their own way. I don’t think I could change a thing about my experience as it was just perfect.

Laid-Back Last 100km, September 2022

Every aspect was perfect. 

My camino was an amazing experience. The accommodations were wonderful and I experienced no issues. I can’t say enough about Lorenzo.  His love for the Camino was so evident as well as his genuine love for people.  He gave us so much insight along the way. The picnic lunches were flavorful and delicious. Andaspain provided a memorable Camino.

Debbie P.
Last 100km, August 2022

Truly does create a sense of ‘family.’

Kate is marvelously available and responsive via email and telephone.  She graciously takes on making arrangements for travel matters that arise outside of the tour days. Vanessa being a part of the orientation to our Camino spoke volumes about the collegiality, shared leadership, and ‘hands on’ manner Andaspain conducts business. (Our guide) was the reason our group of 6 pilgrims bonded so quickly and remained intact as far as positive group dynamics go.

Nancy & Mary
Laid-Back Last 100km, July 2022

We loved it!

We can’t say enough good things about the ease and thoughtfulness of the booking process and help and guidance along the way  and Vanessa/Ashleigh’s hospitality at Tabernanova. Borja is the perfect blend of motivator, calming presence, anticipator of every possible need. He was super flexible given all of the changes due to the heat and the reality of having to manage two different groups due to ability. Meals were also incredible in quality with always something new and delicious to try. This could easily have been a transactional experience but we feel like the human experience / relationships of Andaspain is your real differentiator.

Janet & Mike
Laid-Back Last 100km, July 2022

The best guide I have ever been with!

I had a really good time on this trip! Vanessa and Borja were so fun and on the ball with everything and everyone. The picnics were very enjoyable! Borja was so giving of himself to everyone and never seem to be tired! He was always upbeat and cheerful and would pop up from everywhere unexpectedly on the trail! Thank you again for your help in helping me with this trip! I can’t wait to do another trip with Andaspain!

Hui On
Every Inch of the Camino Frances, May 2022

Beyond the call of duty!

We had a wonderful time, everything was perfect. Vanessa, Ashleigh and Alex went beyond the call of duty.

Maggie V.
Special Feast Day Last 100KM, July 2021

A true, authentic and delightful experience!

I personally recommend Andaspain to anyone wanting a true, authentic, non- judging, cared for and delightful experience of the Camino! Being a foodie, both Alex and Stef were great guides…. to the best food spots on the Camino! Important! What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? The guides, the attention to detail, the care and attention!

Stephen M.
Every Inch of the Camino Francés, May 2019

They were perfect.

The whole organisation of the walk was highly professional and well thought out. Picnic food was always very yummy. – my favourite lunch. Both Stefanie and Alex were wonderful, caring and so obliging.  They made every inch of Camino safe and enjoyable. Without them I doubt I would have completed the walk.


Chander K.
Every Inch of the Camino Francés, May 2019

Another wonderful trip.

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? The trip is fabulous and it is hard to highlight anything specific. However it is the team, the attention to detail and the expectation that any problems will be sorted quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Well organised, fun and knowledgeable guides, lovely food, amazing picnics and excellent walking.  We wouldn’t consider a Camino trip with anyone else.

Helen and Phil W.
Camino Portugués, Sept. 2019

Trip of a lifetime.

From the beginning of months of preparation to the final night of dinner and fireworks in the Praza do Obradoiro, it was the most wondrous experience. Pre-trip planning was thorough but easy to follow and with immediate back-and-forth communication always available for information. There are many ways to experience the El Camino, but I can’t imagine it being better than with Andaspain. Ours was a walking tour par excellence because of Vanessa, Ashleigh, and Melissa, the most accommodating, professional, knowledgeable and efficient tour guides imaginable.

Michael R.
Feast Day Last 100KM, July 2019

Fun, easy going, very likeable people!

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us?  The ease with which it happened and the flexibility and of course the great picnics and food choices whilst on tour. I am a fuzzy eater but always found food I liked. Also we were not forced to go out for lunch or dinner we could organise our own food even though if we wanted a booking for dinner was often made. Alex and Stefanie were great guides, dedicated to their job clearly loved the area and made sure everyone had the experience we wanted out of the Camino. They did not judge and were always jovial, calm and helpful to everyone’s whims.

Rosanne R.
Every Inch of the Camino Francés, May 2019

I am going to recommend Andaspain to everyone I know!

Andaspain made the entire experience so seamless and smooth. Our guides, Lily and Alex were always happy to help, offer information, support and make sure we got everything we needed. We even brought our 2 year old daughter and Andaspain made sure to have cribs at all our hotels and even found diapers when we were close to running out. It was an amazing experience and it was made better by everyone at Andaspain. The places we stayed were unbelievably beautiful, unique and complimented the Spanish/Galician region.

Brie R.
The Last 100KM, Sept. 2019

I hope to be back someday!!

I know constructive criticism can be helpful in bettering oneself, but I honestly can’t think of anything that could have been improved upon. The guides, Lily, Alex, and Ashleigh, were so amazing – knowledgeable, friendly, and I really enjoyed the conversations I had with all of them.Kate was really good at answering all of our questions and provided lots of good information re: the trip, what to pack, what to expect, etc. All the details seemed well-sorted, the guides were fantastic, accommodations clean and really interesting.

Lisa C.
The Last 100KM, Sept. 2019

The greatest experience

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about going to Spain or taking any other trip with Andaspain because it was the greatest experience for us and I cannot wait to go on another trip with you!! Thank you for all that everyone with Andaspain did to make this such a fantastic trip!! It was so well organized and planned and I just cannot say enough good complimentary things about it.

Holly W.
A Longer Last 100KM, June 2018

Forever changed

Andaspain Walking Adventures love what they do and it shows. They are a talented group in so many areas.  They take everything to the next level. Their greatest gift is being “tour guides extraordinaire” and hopefully lifelong friends.  All of us on the Feast Day Celebration 2018 – had the privilege of knowing them and having our lives enriched.  They gave freely of themselves, they made us laugh, they encouraged us each day – and I am forever changed.

Maribeth P.
Feast Day Last 100KM, July 2018

Excellent – Simply brilliant

The quality of the food on the trip? Excellent – (Are you kidding there is no above excellent?) Great!! Enjoyed everything from the local spots that you scoped out to the simply brilliant lunches on the trail.

Paul T.
Every Inch of the Camino Frances, May 2018

A group of people at the top of their game.

The whole trip was excellent. We had high expectations but these were well exceeded. We were so well looked after by Vanessa and Ashleigh and the fact that we had checkpoints each day where we would meet up meant the walking was nicely divided up into manageable stages. It also meant that if we needed anything e.g. snacks or water, to leave a bag or to change footwear it was easy to do that. Our favourites were meals where Vanessa ordered an interesting selection of food for the whole table so that we could try local dishes.

Helen and Phil W.
Best of the Camino de Santiago, Oct. 2017

Consider a Camino hike and of course Andaspain!

The experience was magical in the sense that practically everything was done for us. All we had to do was the walking. Fun, in the sense that we had an absolutely terrific team of three guides and eight pilgrims that got along fabulously with each other, and rewarding because of accomplishing our goal of reaching Santiago and getting our Compostela. Vanessa, Ashleigh and Stefanie were absolutely tops! Their can-do attitude, answering all questions, doing all things (like fixing my internet settings on my tablet) and engaging in spirited and laugh-filled conversations are memories that will never fade.

Bruce B.
Laid-back Last 100KM, June 2017

Going with Andaspain made it absolutely perfect!

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? It was thoughtfully planned with the walker’s best interests in mind. Because of your familiarity with the trail, you were able to choose the best route for the day and let us know exactly what to expect along the Way. Meals and picnics, accommodations, the day’s walk with map details, were great. Having our bags in our rooms at the end of a long day was wonderful! Did we mention how awesome the guides were?? We LOVED you guys! We know you put up with a lot of stuff from your clients, and you put up with us beautifully. Each one of you enhanced our walk in ways that keep us talking and joking about our walk nearly every day. Vanessa and Alex added knowledge of Spain’s culture, landscape and language that was above and beyond what we expected. We learned so much about Spain.

Rebecca and Mark N.
Every Inch of the Camino Francés, May 2017

Above all they were fun to be with!!!

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? The ability to have an individualised tour in a group setting that allowed for flexibility in distances covered and the encouragement and support of the group leaders. Kate, Vanessa, Ashleigh and Alex were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very professional. They were very accommodating , welcoming and genuinely involved in the participants journey. After a long, hot and tiring day it was a delight to see Ashleigh, appearing in the distance, like a mirage, coming back to see how I was doing. This act of kindness really encapsulated all of the guides genuine concern for their guests.

Renata S.
Every Inch of the Camino Francés, Part 2, May 2017

Hands down, the best travel experience of my life. 

Many thanks to all of you for giving me the best travel experience of my life. Already recommended the trip to several others and trying to figure out how to come back to walk with you again myself! The folks we met and the places we stayed made me feel right at home–so comfortable and friendly.  Vanessa, Alex and Ashleigh were amazing and the group was so fantastic! Truly, this couldn’t have gone better!

Laurel P.
The Last 100KM Easter Camino, April 2017

Not enough can be said

Our guides are living this trip as far as their love of the experience… without being overboard or disingenuous. I always felt they had a natural feel for our needs & their knowledge of all aspects relating to us & the Camino. The fact it was with Andaspain IS a component of the whole beautiful experience. The intimacy, comfort level, food, comraderie, professionalism.

Denise N.
The Last 100KM, September 2017

I would do it again!

Thank you for your attention to all of the details. Vanessa and Ashleigh made the trip feel very personal. They cared for each and every one of us as if we were family. They brought their personal touches to the meals they prepared and arranged, to the activities in various locations, and in walking the Camino with us.

Martha A.
Best of the Camino, October 2017

Never heard them say no we can’t!

I had a wonderful trip with Andaspain. Every detail was taken care of and many individualised needs were easily woven into each day without a hitch. We had delicious meals and charming accommodations each night. Our tour Guides, Vanessa & Ashleigh were just wonderful at every turn- they made each day special and worry free! Loved my week on the Camino and will definitely recommend it to friends!

Michelle A.
The Last 100KM, Oct. 2016

Boutique Camino

It was exceptional in every way. I had been in many rural houses and the ones we had were the best, as well as the two hotels. The care from the two guides and “Bruce” was exceptional, as well as the group of people. There was variety and well prepared galician food!!! Loved the Picnic Salads!!! Honestly I cannot think of anything I didn’t like; always there for us tending to every detail. They spoiled us and were very knowledgeable. I am in love with Andaspain!

Cristina P.
The Last 100KM, October 2016

You guys rock!

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? The care, attentiveness, flexibility, responsiveness, delightful and various personalities of the team and the companionship and solitude on the Camino. Absolutely. Enthusiastically. Without reservation would recommend. You guys rock! Thank you!

Nancy G.
The Last 100KM, May 2015

Very knowledgable

I would not have been able to walk the Camino without Andaspain. Fantastic. Very personable and generous with time and support; quite amazing. You worked hard for us and made it look so easy. Our group benefitted from their extensive experience with walking tours, the history and culture of Spain, and this pilgrimage in particular. Their hospitality and support helped me get the most of my pilgrimage because they managed the food and accommodation details and let me focus on putting one foot in front of the other and take in the beauty of my surroundings. It was an amazing experience. Thank you for your fantastic service.

Sheila E.
Prouty Project Expedition, June 2015

I will be back

The best thing about the trip – The companionship and care of the Andaspain personnel and the feeling of becoming family within our group. Your tours are excellent, every care was to be sure we were safe and cared for. I can think of no practical improvements that you could make. I highly recommend Andaspain to all I meet. It was a wonderful experience. It was great to get to know the Andaspain personnel and become friends. You make every care to make people in the group comfortable and help others along to find their way.

Nick & Susan L.
Every Inch of the Camino, May 2015

It was just perfect

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? I say it was the perfect amount of “guided.” The thought of a “guided trip” made me think of being with a large group and all having to stay together. I loved that you could walk with members of the group and people you met along the way; knowing that the van would be at specific points was comforting. It was just perfect.

Nancy T.
The Last 100KM, September 2013

Andaspain is a first-class operation.

Piero and Malina (the guides) worked together as a team and made me feel well looked after.They both picked up on the difficulty for us and personalized our Camino by adding another checkpoint. Picnic lunches were excellent. Piero and Malina outdid themselves. Both the lunches and dinners were carefully orchestrated to satisfy the many vegetarians in our group. Andaspain is a first-class operation. It was a Buen Camino.

Carol F.
Coral Gables Private Last 100km, July 2022

I could not have asked for better guides.

My  pilgrimage was transformative. It was a very well organized trip. Piero and Malina were knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic and led us on our paths. One of our pilgrims got quite ill and we were safe to know she was well taken care of and we could go on without worry. The food was amazing. Picnics were a delight. As we had an arc of ages, 20-70+, the option of daily check points allowed everyone to pursue their Camino at their pace.

Private Laid-Back Last 100km, June 2022

Everything was just wonderful.

The guides were so personable and helpful and knowledgeable. The group laughed, that they were like ghosts, they just showed up whenever needed! We really enjoyed getting to know them, personally, and they were very professional in their work.  All of the restaurant meals were fabulous.  The variety and the quality were excellent. The trip was so spectacular. Our folks are still talking about your services. Everything top notch. Honestly, they are all wondering how you do it for the price you charge!

Russ D.
Private Laid-back Last 100km, June 2022

More than I could have hoped for.

The trip was amazing. More than I  could have hoped for. Having everything taken care of by your wonderful Andaspain souls was certainly a joy boost! I have only great things to say about our lodgings and our meals and our snacks and our guides. I hope to be back.

Elizabeth B.
Private Laid-Back Last 100km, April 2022

Andaspain is like a luxury cruise without the water. The service is 5 Star.

As always, I thought everything was Great! All hotels were centrally located, all restaurants served local foods that were fresh. Both tour guides were always there to help with any issue any of us had, from restaurant info, to local sites to see, to keeping up with where we were when walking the trails, to local laundries in the area. Believe me when I say I am a very picky person and I could not make a single suggestion regarding improvements.

Keith S.
Private Best of the Camino, September 2021

Nothing needs changing or improving!

The tour planned for us exceeded our expectations.  Jorge was an exceptional guide, making sure he anticipated all our needs. The picnics he had ready for us when we thought we could not take another step were awesome.  The dinners and the lodging were wonderful, nothing needs changing or improving.

MIke M.
Private Last 100KM, September 2021

I already have people asking to go back!

This was our second private tour with AndaSpain, and we couldn’t be happier. We were a group of 16 yogis on a mindfulness retreat – their attention to detail and personalization of the experience for our group exceeded our expectations!

Merry Beth H.
Private Yoga on the Camino Portugués, Oct. 2019

Our guides were incredible.

Andaspain is a wonderful company that I would highly recommend. They made our Camino a once in a lifetime experience through teaching us the history of the journey, guidance for our daily walking, food and gift recommendations, and of course lots of laughs along the way. I can’t say enough how much I loved this trip, journey, and experience.

Bailey L.
Private Yoga on the Camino Portugués, Oct. 2019

A truly memorable experience for all of us!

We appreciate the presence of Vanessa; we really could not have done this without her. We appreciate that she went out of her way to make sure everything was as smooth as possible for us. We also appreciate her candidness and sincerity. She said things as they are and explained the situation and alternatives clearly without sugarcoating; this helped us make the right decisions. She was always very approachable to everyone, including the boys. We thank you too, Kate, for facilitating things prior to the trip. I personally appreciate the effort you put into accommodating all our requests, and the timeliness of your replies. Even during the trip, you kept in close contact and worked to resolve some of our requests. I am personally very grateful.

Southridge School Group
Private Camino Portugués, May 2019

I will do it again!

Our guides were superb! Thoughtful, caring, and knew the Camino backwards and forward! Very experienced in dealing with a group and leading a tour. Andaspain was great at helping me make payments and answering questions. Very professional and quick to respond.  The church is sending another group in the future.

Megan S.
Private Last 100KM, May 2019

5 Stars in every way!

Vanessa, Ashleigh, and Malina were wonderful!! They genuinely cared about each of us and about doing everything possible to ensure that we each had a positive experience. That level of care was above and beyond any of my expectations, and made the trip so much easier for all of us. They were ALWAYS accessible, friendly, and helpful. I feel like I made genuine friends, and sincerely hope I have the opportunity to travel again with Andaspain.

Sarah A.
Private Yoga on the Camino Portugués, Oct. 2019

It was simply amazing.

I’ve never really traveled with a tour company/travel agent, etc.  Now, I can’t imagine taking a trip any other way.  You’ve really raised the bar! It was simply amazing. Very special. The guides were wonderful. Andaspain handled logistics that I never would have thought of.  All I had to do was show up and experience all that the Camino had to offer.  Perfect!

Julie L.
Private Yoga on the Camino Last 100KM, August 2019

Beautiful accommodations!

I don’t know if the level of support we got was due to our advancing ages or not, but, it was perfect for what our group needed. I was thrilled to be able to walk the whole length of our Camino tour. The information provided about the area and the support was incredible. I learned a lot about the places we past through. And, the thought that went into the places we stayed and the meals made it superb.

Ellen W.
Private Laid-Back Last 100KM, Sept. 2019

The perfect company

If you are a University group and you are looking for a quality camino experience for your students that combines academic as well as cultural components, Andaspain is the perfect company to meet your needs. Their guides are more than willing to work with you to meet the educational goals you have set for your group. Their excellent attention to detail allows you to concentrate on the course content knowing everything else will be taken care of to your satisfaction. I highly recommend their services.

Nanette Hanks, Assistant Dean for Curriculum, University of Minnesota
Private Camino Frances, May 2018

Can’t imagine any better

The experience itself was amazing. But certainly Vanessa and Stephanie did everything they could to take care of us, accommodate us and make it fun. I can’t imagine having better guides.

Susan S.
Private Camino Primitivo, May 2018

Everything was wonderful.

The guides were amazing. I never would have completed the walk without their support and compassion . I was never made to feel incompetent even though I did have a more difficult time managing the walk. Our job was to walk and the guides took care of the rest. Having Vanessa knowing so many of the local people made the experience even more positive.

Fran C.
Private Last 100KM, Sept. 2017

Loved, loved, loved the food!

The personal touches were incredible; Ashleigh and Vanessa really made us feel looked after. They met us after each day’s walk, always keen to know how we were. The picnics, octopus restaurant, home cooked fish, paella, Rioja, Albariño wine and the final lunch of seafood at the market all made the culinary experience second to none!

Charlie W.
Private Last 100KM, May 2017

Would do it again in a heartbeat!

We took a 5 day custom trip and did not have to think about anything for the 5 days we were with the guides. Our accommodations were good, the food choices were interesting and native to Spain. They had a great balance of staying with us and giving us our space. They were polite and took good care of us! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Jane B.
Private Camino Primitivo, Sept. 2016

Amazing Experience!

Vanessa and Ashleigh were so welcoming and truly became a part of our group. Furthermore, their willingness to help all of us/ personalise the trips for us led to an amazing experience. The two of them became a definitive, memorable part of our Camino for all of us!

Hannah H.
Private Camino Francés Roncesvalles to Santiago, May 2016

Perfect balance

Vanessa was without a doubt the finest guide we have ever had or we could have imagined for. Perfect balance of helpful, interesting, trust worthy, confident, and guided us through the walk as first timers, but she also was great at letting us do the Camino in the way we all wanted to.

David B.
Walk to Reconnect - Yoga on the Camino, July 2016

It was all excellent

The best thing about the trip – There was no one best thing – the over all smooth organisation, the locations of our walks, the flexibility to change plans at a minutes notice to suit the group, the top notch accommodation, the endless supply of gourmet meals, the choice of wines, the surprise tours…shall I go on! I have been on many journeys around the world over the years; with groups, with friends and on my own – this trip I have now rated as my best ever!

Joy W.
Private Best of the Camino, June 2016

The best people make all of the difference!

Andaspain always went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and having a very memorable experience. They also made sure they were doing their best to make sure we were feeling our best – they always provided water, foot care/blister prevention, and any other aid that was needed. They have the biggest hearts and I’ll never forget my trip with Andaspain.  We never had to worry about anything.

Kristin J.
Prouty Project Expedition Camino Francés, June 2015

Life long memories

The best thing about the trip – The knowledgeable guides, wonderful food and great people we met along the way. Thank you for helping us make amazing memories for our family. We were worried about doing this with a 13 month old but you alleviated all of our fears and made us feel part of the AndaSpain family whilst there.

Jared, Hilary & Emerson L.
Private Last 100KM, June 2015


How would you rate your Camino experience with Andaspain? Excellent, …ok ok, AWESOME! The best thing about the trip – we did not just walk the Camino with AndaSpain…. we EXPERIENCED the Camino thru the walk, food, people, culture and history….. the post “bonding” activity of Tapas Dinner, Lunch at the Market, orientation walk of the old town (yes more walking! yahoo!) and more DRINKS, FOOD and LAUGHTER….

Imperio Family
Private Last 100KM, October 2015

Kudos to you!

I was really nervous when I booked this trip because of a not-so-great experience we had with another organization several years ago. Thankfully, my doubts were totally erased with how well-organized and professional this trip turned out. The information, hotel accommodations, food, activities and personnel were A ones!

Teresa D.
Guided Camino Yoga Tour, August 2014

Andaspain is just the best!

Andaspain has once again gone above and beyond in careful planning, personal attention and outstanding service. The accommodations, advice and preparation have made this a great experience again.  I didn’t think you could top my 2019 Camino, but you did.  I have listened to people complain about various other companies and I just sit and grin (and tell them next time to Google Andaspain. A great experience made possible by understanding your clients and the knowledge on your part. Thanks for your great, outstanding, excellent service!

Nancy M.
Camino Portuguese Porto to Santiago, Sept 2022

Amazing, awe-inspiring…

Andaspain service was really excellent… you were available to respond to questions, your arrangements for us all worked flawlessly and manual on arrival all worked really well. All of us want to continue further on our Camino next year and
would gladly come back to you to help arrange it for us again.

Ashley G.
Self Guided Camino Frances Burgos to Santiago, May 2022

5 Star job.

Thank you for your guidance and professionalism. The lodging exceeded expectations.  All in all you did a 5 Star job with both lodging, luggage portage and mapping. Andaspain always to be highly recommended.

Michael B.
Self Guided Camino del Norte, May 2022

So very humbling and sacred.

Thank you for making our Camino a success. I would never have been able to put it together on my own. Each of the places we stayed were comfortable, of easy access, and meticulously clean. I honestly cannot say one thing negative about any of our accommodations. Having had everything taken care of in such a personal way allowed my daughter and I to focus on the pilgrimage and seek out the peace and understanding we were longing for.  The booklets, folders, descriptions were all very helpful resources.

Rhonda D.
Self Guided Semana Santa (Easter) Last 100km, April 2022

We will surely be back for more!

It was our first time to hike in such a way with our teens, and we were slightly concerned about the technicalities (what distances should we walk, what is expected in case of rain etc.). We contacted Andaspain who was extremely kind to us. Kate was helpful, full of good advice and patient to all of our questions. We are extremely thankful to Andaspain for helping us arrange an unforgettable trip and we surely recommend Andaspain to others who seek to walk the Camino in a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable way.

Vered K. & family
Self Guided Camino del Norte, September 2021

Great service!

Kate has been organizing my hiking trips for almost 7yrs now ! – I’ve been on multiple Routes to Santiago. She is very responsive, flexible in accommodating all needs, competitive in pricing. Choice of accommodations and their location have been great, provides practical guidance that I’ve found to be quite useful. Through out the trips, I’ve always been able to reach out.

Anu S.
Self Guided Camino del Norte, August 2021 / Camino Fisterra, September 2021

Trip of a lifetime

Andaspain were, from the very beginning of planing this trip, extremely helpful and friendly, good communicators and easy to deal with. Kate was always at the end of the phone (on the Camino) and always responded promptly, which, as I was walking on my own, was very reassuring. They were not only friendly and efficient, but competitively priced as well.

Viv M.
Self Guide Every Inch of the Camino Francés, September 2019

My Camino was perfect.

The care and attention to detail made this experience a once in a life time one for me. The information waiting for me, your good advice, the carefully selected accommodations each night were appreciated. I knew what to expect as far as the walking part, but your extra, well thought out schedule was perfect. I have a few friends who are considering the Camino and will definitely recommend Andaspain.

Nancy M.
Self Guide Every Inch of the Camino Francés, September 2019

Everything worked like clockwork.

This is the second time we have used Andaspain for a self guided walk, and it might not be the last! Unfortunately I fell ill, and was unable to walk one day. We reached out to Kate and within half an hour, she had organised our transport to the next town. We didn’t need to worry about a thing! Thank you Kate for your attention to detail, and making our walking such a memorable experience!

Louise A. & Wayne E.
Self Guide Camino Portuguese, August 2019

Fabulous company.

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? Knowing you have the support of the Andaspain team along the way.Andaspain is a fabulous company to travel with. I have nothing but high praise for the attention to detail and support they show. We have done both a guided Camino Frances (Every Inch) and a Self Guided Norte + Primitivo into Santiago de Compostela. I highly recommend this wonderful company.

Rhonda C.
Self-guided Camino del Norte, April - June 2019

We had a fantastic trip.

The organisation of and detailed information given before the trip was accurate and very helpful. Kate was easy to contact and dealt with our queries efficiently and in a very friendly supportive way. The recommendations of accommodation and restaurants were first rate. Maps and guidance were easy to follow.

Marie S.
Self Guide Last 100KM, April 2019

Andaspain made THE difference

“El Camino” has been one of the richest experiences in our lives, and also one of our best trips.  It is simply something that you cannot describe with words, you really need to live it, and Andaspain certainly made THE difference.  That´s why we are already recommending you and Vanessa with all of our friends.

Jose R.
Self-Guided Camino Francés, May 2019

Absolutely amazing

Andaspain helped us with a last minute change of plan to make a dream of walking into Santiago possible – that was absolutely amazing – not all companies would have invested that much time and effort in one day to make that possible – thank you so much for that added attention!!!

Catherine C. and Mary H.
Self Guided Camino del Norte, August 2018

Expectations exceeded

We awoke this morning on the ocean in Nova Scotia still marvelling about the entire experience. Everything was perfect from start to finish. We cannot stop talking about the experience!!!!! Can’t say enough good about our experience with Andaspain. It is always a bonus to have all your expectations exceeded by a tour company. Thank you so much!!!! We will certainly contact you if we return to do another portion of the Camino and will highly recommend you to all our friends!

Kathy and Peter L.
Self Guided Last 100 KM, September 2018

Andaspain made it possible

Thanks for helping to make our first Camino a wonderful experience, we appreciate all you did and are so happy we chose to go with Andaspain. The Camino itself was a fantastic experience but Andaspain made it possible because the plans and instructions were clear, the accommodations were good, and the kit was very complete.

Antonio & Mylene M.
Self Guided Camino Portugues, April 2017

We were in the best hands

Kate did a thorough and excellent job planning our trip. We walked with confidence that our baggage would be at the next hotel and the reservations were confirmed. Never an issue! The best thing was knowing every detail was handled and we were in great hands with Andaspain.The itineraries and details Kate sent were complete and easy to understand. The book with hotel details, the luggage tags, pilgrim’s passports, shells, neck scarfs delivered to our first lodging were fantastic.

Mary & Lindsey K.
Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, June/July 2017

I could just enjoy the walk

The materials provided at the start of the trip made it very easy to walk each day (e.g., start and finish of walking path as well as coffee/break stops along the route) and to figure out how to find our hotel each night. You made it so easy to make the trek. I didn’t have to worry about details or logistics, and I could just enjoy the walk. It was a really wonderful experience and one I have already recommended to several other friends.

Jennifer S.
Self Guided Last 100KM, August 2017

It was an adventure we could enjoy!

We did not hear of Andaspain until our walk started, our first 4 days were not pleasant, but, after chatting with a client of Andaspain and talking with Kate, we signed! Really, the difference between the first few days of our walk before we signed with Andaspain and after was a difference the I am profoundly thankful for as we could then walk the Camino, be present each day, enjoy the camaraderie of people we met along the way and to reveal in our heart the real purpose we came to walk the Camino!

Kathryn H.
Self-Guided Every Inch of the Camino Francés, May 2016

Hard to put into words

Our self-guided trip was absolutely perfect for our needs. It provided us with enough independence with decision making yet safety and reassurance in knowing there was a lovely place to lay our heads each night-already pre-paid and reserved!! Thank you Kate for all of the guidance you offered us. Truly a magnificent and wonderful experience.

Cathy and Bradley R.
Self Guided Last 100KM, June 2016

We had a fantastic trip!

It has been a very smooth experience working with Kate – very responsive! How knowledgeable and responsive Andaspain was during the setting up of the trip. 4 years ago I did the Camino and used a different agency and Andaspain was much better; the quality of the accommodations was usually the best place available.

Steve & Gail G.
Self-Guided Camino Francés, July 2016

It was worry-free

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? (Cycling) The pre-planning of the trip – having someone to be the “on-the-ground” contact who knew all aspects of the trip that needed to be taken care of: consulting about what we wanted and offering options to consider and decide upon, setting up accommodations (and therefore the daily sections we would be covering), renting the bikes and having them at the hotel when we arrived, the fabulous package with the booklet, maps, tips, shells etc…, contact information provided for each stage, the “tour” schedule, payments made to all the services we would be receiving etc. We felt we were in good hands (and we were!!) THANK YOU!!!

Bronwyn R.
Cycling Self Guided Camino Portuguese, October 2016

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Kate – through your efforts, everything went flawlessly. Our experience could not have been better.  Thank you for your attention to the details. Everyone that I’ve talked with about the Camino (essentially everyone I meet) I tell them about Andaspain. Thank you so much for making our experience so wonderful.  Exceptional.  We were in need of accommodations before and after the trip. Kate made it happen. Her recommended hotels were perfect for our needs.

Donald & Donna M.
Self-Guided Camino Francés, June 2015

You helped make my Camino dream come true!

What was the best thing about your walking tour with us? That I was in control of my schedule. Thank you for letting me do the tour in only 4 days. Wonderful experience!   Very appreciate of the wonderful, personal schedule I received! My requests were taken into consideration for every leg of the trip. Feel blessed to have found you and Andaspain. Excellent – Great accommodations, clear maps and instructions, high quality communication prior to the trip.

Natalie D.
Self Guide Last 100KM, April 2015

THE BEST specialist agency

Andaspain’s organisation could NOT be faulted. I can’t thank Kate enough. Even when we were mid walk, if I had a query, I’d email her and she would respond immediately. No question was too silly, and she was always there to help us out. Thank you Kate! We have been lucky enough to travel the world extensively. And we have visited some crazy places (Nth Pole, Mt Everest, canoeing the Zambezi to name a few), which have required us utilizing specialist travel agencies. Andaspain and the Camino experience is by far THE BEST specialist agency we have ever used. The attention to detail, price point and the fact that not query/question was too difficult, put it head and shoulders above all the rest.

Louise A. & Wayne E.
Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, August 2015

Extremely professional

I was very happy with the quality and it made for a great experience. It was certainly the first class way of walking the Camino but for me and my age, it was the hardest but the best thing I ever did. All I can say is that Kate Goad with there for me every step of the way. The staff was professional and extremely organized which made this journey for me extremely rewarding. The fact that she was an experienced pilgrim helped a great deal and it allowed for me to imagine others doing this same type of walk. I know from talking to other pilgrims that there are many companies that offer this type of service but I was very pleased with my choice for Andaspain.

Diane M.
Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, August 2015

I would definitely recommend Andaspain

It was a self guided cycling tour but the best thing was having the peace of mind that we had Kate there for us as back up if anything went wrong or we needed any further help. I would use again if we get the chance in the future. The information was brilliant especially the hotel maps and directions in the folder, this was very helpful.

Michelle and Mark T.
Cycling Self Guided Every Inch of the Camino Frances, August 2015


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