My Camino was perfect. The care and attention to detail made this experience a once in a life time one for me.

Nancy M. , Self-Guided Every Inch of the Camino Francés

You made it so easy to make the trek. I didn’t have to worry about details or logistics, and I could just enjoy the walk. It was a really wonderful experience and one I have already recommended to several other friends.

Jennifer S. , Self-Guided Last 100 KM

The Camino itself was a fantastic experience but Andaspain made it possible because the plans and instructions were clear, the accommodations were good, and the kit was very complete.

Antonio & Mylene M., Self-Guided Camino Portugués
Our self-guided trip was absolutely perfect for our needs. It provided us with enough independence with decision making yet safety and reassurance! Truly a magnificent and wonderful experience.
Cathy and Bradley R. , Self-Guided Last 100 KM
Andaspain and the Camino experience is by far THE BEST specialist agency we have ever used. The attention to detail, price point and the fact that not query/question was too difficult, put it head and shoulders above all the rest.
Louise A. and Wayne E., Self-Guided Every Inch of the Camino Francés


Our Self-Guided Tour packages are the best way that we could think to put our knowledge to use for the soon-to-be pilgrim who is unable to join a scheduled trip or that prefers to travel solo.

We spend the majority of the year on foot along the Camino and know it better than we know our own backyard. Over the years, we have fostered personal relationships with the shop-keepers, restaurant staff, and B&B owners that support pilgrims on their journey.

Self-guided tour packages offer complete flexibility with regards to your starting day, your ending day, the distance you want to travel in a day, preferred accommodation type, possible rest days, and options to skip individual sections. We pride ourselves in putting together one of a kind trips to suit your needs.

For the cycling enthusiast, we also offer the option to complete your Camino (all or just part) by bicycle.


After getting to know what you are looking for (see the survey below) and agreeing on all of the options, we put together a package detailing your itinerary. We book and confirm all accommodations, provide luggage tags for transport, and, most importantly, we deliver to you a package detailing your journey. This package includes a detailed description of every accommodation, a description of the terrain on that day of walking, including highlights along the way, as well as maps which detail how to get to your destination. If a taxi is required to get you to your preferred accommodation, we arrange that as well.

At the end of it all, you are free to walk without hurry or worry if something should go wrong along the way we also provide a contact number to reach us directly.


The two most popular “fixed itineraries” we offer are the “Last 100 Kilometers” and “Every Inch of the Camino Francés,” which are also the two most popular stretches of the Camino de Santiago.

We can also provide fixed itineraries for the Camino Portugués, Walk to the End of the World-Finisterre/Muxia, Camino Inglés, Camino del Norte, Camino Primitivo, and the Camino Mozarabe.

If your self-guided Camino calls for more detailed planning, we can arrange a “custom itinerary” unique to you.



We send you lots of information prior to your departure including a suggested packing list, travel advice and Frequently Asked Questions.  We are on hand via email or phone to help out with any questions you have before you start your trip.

We send you a full list of hotel information at least 30 days before the start of your Camino adventure.  You will pick up your detailed Andaspain Orientation Pack at your first hotel. As this is a self-guided not a guided walk, we will not be there in person to meet you.


We find you good quality but simple accommodation on the Camino itself. We know you don ́t want to walk extra kilometres to find your place to stay! We provide Andaspain maps with address, phone number, photo, Google map and if needed directions on how to get to your hotel or pension. All the accommodation we book for you will have en-suite bathroom facilities.

If you would like upgraded hotels or to stay in casas rurales slightly off the Camino just let us know!


On our self-guided trips, we include breakfast every day.  You can easily pick up lunch ingredients for a picnic at a supermarket or find cheap baguettes or set 3 course lunches along the way.  Similarly, with dinner you can find a reasonable 3 course “pilgrim´s set meal” for around 12€. At some hotels, we can add on set meals along the Way to make it a bit easier for you.


Luggage transportation is included on every day you walk. This is for 1 bag with a 20kg weight max. If you have more bags or more weight we can arrange transfer with an additional cost.

The luggage transfer service is door to door, meaning that you only need to tag your bag and leave it at the reception. We provide the tags. If you choose to stay in casa rural off the Camino, we would arrange taxis to transport you to and from the accommodation.


We prepare a very thorough and detailed package that you will collect at your first Camino hotel. Included in this package is your Camino guidebook, maps to your hotels, suggested restaurants, information on any pre-booked taxis, taxi numbers should you need and of course our emergency phone number for Andaspain should you need it.

The Camino is very well marked and follows mainly forest trails, paths between villages and some secondary roads.  The distances we plan for you are the typical etapas or stages of the Camino. We can tailor-make your walk and adapt the walking stages as you wish to be longer, shorter, add rest days in particular places etc.

On your self-guided trips, you don´t have anyone with you walking or in a support vehicle. Having said that the Camino is a friendly, helpful, safe place to be! Knowing you have a place to stay at the end of your day means to can relax and take as long as you like to get there!


We can customise your own self-guided itinerary as we know that one’s Camino can be very different to another’s. Please contact us for inspiration if you need help deciding the best walk for you. Use the form below. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as humanly possible.


We have put together a short survey to help us understand what your Camino needs are. Fill it out, whack submit, and relax. We will put together an estimate and send it your way. If you like what you see we will begin making plans on your behalf.



First things first, we ask you to complete the Self-Guided Tour Survey to help us get our head around what you want your camino to look like.  If you have no idea what you are after scroll to our itineraries to get an idea of what is possible.

  • Beginning and End Dates

    The Self-Guided Camino de Santiago tour offers complete flexibility with regard to when you want to begin your pilgrimage and by what day you want to arrive in your destination.

  • Method and Distance

    You know your capabilities better than anyone. How far would you like to walk or ride, on average, during the course of a day.Keep in mind that the final itinerary will preserve this request as closely as possible; the location of the accommodation may require that some days be longer or shorter, or for a taxi to shuttle you to and from your point of lodging.

  • Accommodation type

    Not all beds were created equally.  Neither were all budgets.We offer three different levels of accommodation and allow you to mix and match to suit your needs.  Choose between 1-2 star private lodging, 3-4 star private lodging or casa rurals.  If you prefer to keep the cost down but splurge from time to time (perhaps on a rest day) we understand completely.

  • Rest days

    If you plan to cover a large distance, or if your journey takes you through cities with a large number of sights to take in, it might be nice to take a pause.We will advise if your journey takes you through any of those places, and of course you can schedule your own in advance.

  • Skip a section

    It is not always possible to complete the entire 800 kilometers of the Camino Francés at one time.  Real world time and budget constraints often limit how much can be walked.We offer the option to skip over certain sections of the Camino and we arrange for your transportation as well.  Please keep in mind that if you would like to receive the Compostella Certificate you are obliged to walk at least the last 100 contiguous kilometers.


Fixed Itinerary – A number of our self-guided walking tours follow a fixed itinerary and therefore have a fixed price. Scroll to the fixed itineraries to see the pricing.

Custom Itinerary – Our custom made to suit your wishes and therefor the price cannot be calculated without getting a bit more information from you. The custom itineraries below also give an estimate of what the total might look like.