Update on Cathedral Renovations


Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

The swarms of pilgrims who have finished the Camino de Santiago in the past few years have entered Praza Obradoiro with the view of the famous Cathedral partially covered. Scaffolding has covered the dramatic spires since 2013 when the Church began a multi-million Euro renovation project. Although some have found the partially covered spires disappointing, the results have already shown; and today we have great news –

The Cathedral de Santiago scaffolding will be coming down in March 2018!   *according to a recent press release


So far, the entire renovation project, carried out between 2013 and 2017, has cost 9.2 million Euros! This work has updated the Clock Tower, façade of the Azabacheria, Royal Porch and of course, the towers of the façade facing Praza Obradoiro where pilgrims finish their Camino de Santiago and rest their tired legs.

Further projects have already begun this year and will add a further 15 million Euros to the renovation project, lasting until the year 2020. During this time, the Cathedral will see 9 restoration projects, possibly requiring scaffolding in other parts of the structure.

The ongoing renovations on the Cathedral de Santiago will restrict the use throughout 2018.  The director of the Cathedral Foundation, Daniel Lorenzo, has guaranteed that the Cathedral will remain open during this time to allow visitors and worship, although the capacity within the Cathedral may have to be reduced. It is also likely there will be noise inside the Cathedral and due to the restrictions of the scaffolding, worships may be limited to the weekends and afternoons only. The renovations in 2018 also means the short- term termination of the Botafumeiro, the very famous incense burner.

The deadline for the entire project is by the next Holy Year in 2021. We will keep you updated with any significant changes throughout this year, but promise you that the Cathedral, even during renovations, is a spectacular site at the end of your pilgrimage!


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