Our Walking Camino Tours

Here at Andaspain, we know that walking long distances in foreign lands can be a big undertaking. Our mission is to clear the path ahead for you. We organize every detail to ensure you can be free to ponder mysteries other than where to spend the night or how to read the menu.  From the practical (like what is the best way to lace up your boots); or the curious (what the heck is a gypsy’s arm and why is it on my dessert menu?), we have an answer. We move mountains so long as they are metaphorical.

Check out our  walking Camino de Santiago Tours! We would love nothing more than to share our love of the Camino with fellow pilgrims.

Fully-Guided Camino Walking Tours

On our fully-guided Camino walking tours you can walk all or part of the Camino de Santiago with us.  For support and guidance, our fully-guided walking tours always have 1 or 2 Spanish and English speaking guide/s. Our expert guides will brief you each day on the trail to ensure you know the terrain for the day, such as whether or not you need your walking sticks. You also have our support vehicle on hand should you need to take a break or fill up on water and snacks. Our fully-guided walking tours cover many lunches and dinners so you don’t have to worry about where to find vegan or gluten-free foods! We also ensure we use a mix of modern hotels, boutique hotels and our favorite, the beautiful farmhouses slightly off the Camino to make your times of rest are more enjoyable.

Although our self-guided Camino walking tours cover more possibilities of the Camino de Santiago, our fully-guided Camino de Santiago walking tours cover the the most popular paths – The Camino Francés, the Camino Portuguese the Camino del Norte.

The Camino de Santiago, is for many, a life-changing experience and always an unforgettable adventure!

The Camino Francés or the French Way – Camino Walking Tours

The Camino de Santiago, or The Way of Saint James, is one of the oldest and most famous pilgrimage routes in Europe.  It has remained the most popular route to Santiago de Compostela. We offer numerous trips along the Camino Francés:

Camino de Santiago pilgrims

Every Inch of the Camino Francés

This classic pilgrimage spans the whole breadth of Spain and is the most famous and popular route to Santiago de Compostela.   We start in the French village of St. Jean Pied de Port and walk the entire Way of the Camino Francés before arriving at the legendary cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. On this 35 day fully-guided walking tour, you have the opportunity to walk Every Inch of the Camino Francés.

If you do not have the time to complete our Every Inch of the Camion Francés Tour all at once, you are able to break it down into sections that suit your time and availability. We suggest the following 3 sections, however, you can hop on and off the tour where you prefer.


Burgos Camino walking tour

Part 1, The Camino Francés, St Jean Pied de Port to Burgos

Take your first steps on the Camino Francés. We start our two-week expedition in the French village of St. Jean Pied de Port and cross over the Pyrenees into Spain and the rolling hills of Navarra. From there, we travel through the wine epicenter of La Rioja and to the beautiful city of Logroño. We end this portion of the Camino Francés at the start of the wild Meseta in the city of Burgos. Come back year after year to walk more sections of this amazing journey until you reach Santiago de Compostela!


Every Inch of the camino de santiago walking tour

Part 2, Camino Francés, Burgos to Leon

This section of the Camino Francés spans the high plains of Castilla y León over 10 days and covers 172kms between two majestic and important Camino cities – Burgos and León. If you like big skies, expansive horizons and patchwork fields – the Glorious Meseta is the walk for you. It is also one of the easier sections of the Camino with mainly flat walking. However, it is not completely flat! 



Iron Cross, Camino walking tour

Part 3, Camino Francés, Leon to Santiago de Compostela

 Join us on the last section of an epic journey across Spain. This final section of the Camino Francés covers 310kms from the lively city of León to Santiago de Compostela. Leave a stone at the famous Iron Cross before you voyage through the enchanting countryside of Galicia and finish at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to request your Compostela.


The Best Of The Camino de Santiago Walking Tours In Spain

The Best of the Camino Francés

This is one of our favourite fully-guided Camino de Santiago walking tours! On this trip, you will traverse the whole of Spain and experience walking along the most beautiful and famous sections of the Camino Francés. This walk takes you through the best of the Camino de Santiago through Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla y León, and Galicia. Each region is different and boasts spectacular scenery, food, wine, and historical monuments. We have chosen unique accommodation for this trip from converted monasteries and manor houses to the famous Paradors. The tour also includes expertly guided tours of the cathedrals of Burgos, León, and Santiago de Compostela.

We take you slightly off the Camino de Santiago for a guided winery tour and tasting in La Rioja. We finish our Best of the Camino Tour with a day trip to visit Finisterre and Muxia! On this tour you walk the famous Last 100Km so you are eligible for your Compostela! 

The Best of the Camino del Norte 

The Best of the Camino del Norte follows the most spectacular coastline Spain has to offer.  With the Cantabrian Sea to your right and mountain ranges to your left, you will be walking through picturesque fishing villages and fascinating cities. We pass through the Basque Country, famous for its tapas or pinxos and of course, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. On to Cantabria where we will find perfectly preserved villages and awe-inspiring cave systems; then to Asturias, renowned for its astounding landscapes and food including artisan cheeses, cider and chorizo.

This tour packs a punch with a guided private tour of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao designed by Frank Gehry; a visit to the dazzling Cave of Soplao, considered one of the great wonders of geology; walking through the spectacular Cares Gorge, surrounding by the Picos de Europa mountain range; a visit to the Basilica de Covadonga and the nearby Santa Cueva, or Holy Cave, guided visit to Oviedo Cathedral and Santa Maria del Naranco, a masterpiece of the Asturian art world; and a stay in the famous city of Lugo, with its 1700-year-old Roman wall that borders the original settlement, deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Last 100KM camino de santiago walking tour

The Last 100KM, Camino Francés, Sarria to Santiago

For those who can not join one of our longer trips, we run the Last 100Km of the Camino Francés walking tour many times a year. Join the many pilgrims from around the world walking the last section from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. This small-group walking tour covers 115kms in 5 walking days of the Camino de Santiago through beautiful forests and traditional Galician villages; as well as qualifies you to request your Compostela or certificate of completion. 

We run the Last 100KM fully-guided Camino walking tour on 2 special occasions:


Easter Camino de Santiago walking tour

1. Easter Camino de Santiago Last 100KM Walking Tour

Easter Week is one of the most special times to be on the Camino de Santiago. This week long celebration for Semana Santa  or “Holy Week” fills the streets of Santiago de Compostela with processions.  Easter Week is very famous in all of Spain because of the elaborate celebrations! We walk into Santiago de Compostela on Jueves Santo, or Holy Thursday, to view the Procesion de Jesus Flagelado. This is the silent procession that takes place at midnight through the cobbled streets of Santiago de Compostela. Arriving early allows you to enjoy the rest of the Easter festivities through out the weekend. The week of processions, whether you are religious or not, are an amazing sight! Read more about the Easter Traditions in our Blog post.



Camino de Santiago feast day as part of Camino de Santiago walking tour

2. Special Feast Day Last 100KM Tour 

The tour is in conjunction with the celebration of the patron Saint of Spain – St. James. The Feast Day in Santiago de Compostela is recognized with a full-blown liturgical feast that is preceded with a week of festivities. The finale is the Fogos do Apostol, a mighty display of fireworks set against the Obradoiro facade of the Cathedral. It is a spectacular way to celebrate your completion of a Camino de Santiago pilgrimage! We finish our Camino de Santiago tour with dinner in the famous Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos; along with special seats to view the fireworks and celebration in the Plaza de Obradoiro!



Last 100KM fully-guided walking tour

Laid-Back Last 100KM of the Camino Francés

This is a gentler pace than our regular Last 100KM Tour as we have 7 days to walk! Over the walking days we cover the same Last 100KM from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. However, we walk an average of 15KM a day, rather than over 20KM a day.  Because the daily distances are slightly shorter, you can slow down and truly enjoy your surroundings.  To make getting to the start a bit easier, we pick you up in Madrid. That first evening in Madrid you have a short walking tour and dinner in the heart of the city. Then we have a private bus transfer to the start of the Camino. We spend two or three nights in the same accommodation to make the burden of packing bags a little less.


The Camino Portuguese – Camino Walking Tours

The Camino Portuguese has grown in popularity over the past 10 years and is the second most walked Camino de Santiago. We offer two fully-guided walking Camino tours on the Portuguese route. On both trips we meet in the stunning city of Porto and cross the border from Portugal to Spain while walking the ancient trail of the Camino Portuguese.

Fully-guided camino walking tour

The Camino Portuguese, The Last 100KM 

Disconnect from the hustle of everyday life and experience the tranquil forests and quiet walking trails of the Camino Portuguese. This walk is filled with fantastic accommodation in country houses and stunning Paradors.  This walking tour covers the Last 100kms of the Camino Portuguese from the small Portuguese town of Valenca to Santiago de Compostela, allowing you to request your Compostela, or certificate of completion of the pilgrimage.

Fully-guided walking tour stone marker

The Camino Portuguese, Ponte de Lima to Santiago

Whilst growing in popularity this route is quieter and passes through small hamlets, quiet country lanes, forests and beautiful old towns as Ponte de Lima, Tui, and Pontevedra.  We meet in Porto, one of Portugal’s most famous cities, to start our 155km journey! From there we head up to Ponte de Lima where we start our walk in Portugal.  A few days later, we enter Spain by crossing the international bridge of the Rio Minho. This region of Portugal and Spain is famous for its great seafood, cheese, and wine. All of which we will taste on this trip! This small-group walking tour qualifies you to request your Compostela, or certificate of completion.


Fully Guided Walks On The Camino de Santiago in Spain

Self-Guided Camino Walking Tours

Our Self-Guided Camino Walking Tour 2020 packages are the best way that we could think to put our knowledge to use for the soon-to-be pilgrim who is unable to join a scheduled trip or that prefers to travel solo. Self-guided tour packages offer complete flexibility with regards to your starting day, your ending day, the distance you want to travel in a day, preferred accommodation type, possible rest days, and options to skip certain sections. We pride ourselves in putting together a one of a kind trip to suit your needs. Sign up as an individual or as a group.

For the cycling enthusiast, we also offer the option to complete your Camino (all or just part) by bicycle.

Private Fully-Guided Walking Tours

Whether you are a group of 2 or 32, we have the expertise needed to create your personalised one of a kind Camino walking adventure. We are here to work with you to customise an itinerary that fits your group’s wants and needs. It is important to note that these tours are private, meaning that the guides are there to focus on you. We have arranged family reunion walks, team-building excursions, yoga and meditation retreats, annual adventures among a group of friends, and multiple church groups over the years. There is quite literally no limit to the possibilities for these tours to get you to Santiago de Compostela!

More Information

For more information regarding our Camino Walking Tours such as how to train and what to pack, Check out our Informative Article on our Blog page.  Or if you are curious about the myth and legend behind the Way, check out our Camino History article.

Or send us a contact form request if you have any further questions or concerns.

Buen Camino! We hope to see you on the trail!