Covid Safety Measures

The Last 100Kms of the Camino is walked to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity city of Santiago de Compostela. This city sits in the state of Galicia and is home to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.  Here in Galicia the amount of pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostela is increasing each day! We know because we live and work right here on the trail at TabernaNova!

Our guides at Andaspain are looking forward to being back on the trail with pilgrims from all over the world.  Our first Camino tour is in July 2021, the Special Feast Day Tour.

We want to ensure our pilgrims that our Covid safety measures are a priority and will be in line with local and state government sanctions. We will do our part to ensure your health is protected during your walk. Here are the current restrictions in place for the state of Galicia; and what it means for our own Covid safety measures for our Camino de Santiago Fully-Guided Tours. 

Travel: When in cars with people who reside in a home different to yours, you must wear a mask. This is mandated across Spain. In our support vehicles you are required to wear a mask at all times.

Tourism: Tourism activities, including qualified companies, are allowed for up to 20 people outside. Andaspain has a limit of 15 people on our guided trips to ensure a higher quality of care. With this restriction, this means we will ensure we adhere to our limit.

Hotels: The hotels we use are required to stay at a 50% capacity. This means the amount of guests at our hotels will be lower than normal.

Socialisation: Up to 15 non-cohabiting people can meet in open spaces, 6 person of non-cohabiting people in doors. The only change this will make to our tours is we will eat dinner or lunches at tables of 6 or less people. Our picnic lunches are outdoors (weather permitting) which means we can spread out to provide appropriate distance.

Places of Worship: Places of worship are at a 50% capacity limited. This means that at the end of your Camino de Santiago, you will still be able to visit the Cathedral and have a private tour with our Camino group only. Places to visit in the Cathedral may be limited but we will keep you up to date with our local Santiago Cathedral tour guide, Margarina.

Retail: Retail establishments are at a 75% capacity. This means you will still be able to shop for your favourite Camino de Santiago souvenirs, including  the popular Azabache stone!

Markets: Markets with less than 250 authorised stalls, 100% of the stalls can be used. This means the small local market in Santiago is open and we will ensure you get a private tour of the Mercado de Abastos with one of our Andaspain guides. (Unless you are on our Feast Day tour as the market is closed on this holiday, and on Sundays.)

After your CaminoFor those who want to take a day visit to a local beach spot or other towns in and near Galicia, this is possible. Travel from state to state is not restricted. Beaches and pools are open. Massage therapists are available.

Mask requirement: As for now, for people aged 6 or over, it is mandatory to wear a mask at all times in public and in outdoor spaces. However, the President of Spain has announced this requirement will be dropped from the 26th June 2021. We will keep you updated!



















Further Covid safety measures by Andaspain

Here is some more information regarding our own Covid safety precautions:

Hand sanitiser: We will ensure there is hand sanitiser available at all times including every meal, picnic and check point.

Checkpoint water: We will provide one personal water bottle for each person at a checkpoint rather than a large bottle to refill your own water bottle.

Checkpoint snacks: All of our checkpoint snacks will be prepared in accordance with government regulations and will be individually wrapped. All our fruit provided will have their own protection. So, think bananas and oranges and a pre packaged bag of nuts.

Luggage transfer: All luggage will be sanitised when placed in your room. Our Andaspain guides will be the only persons to take your bags to the rooms. If the luggage is not in your room, it will be in the locked support vehicle only.

If you would like further information on how our fully-guided trips operate, please check out our Questions and Answers page.

Camino Signs in the Meseta

How to enter Spain. 

Spain has implemented a protocol to ensure the health and Covid safety of its citizens and visitors. This includes an obligatory health check at the borders for every person entering.

Prior to entering Spain, you must complete an online form. This form is required by all personss entering Spain, regardless of age, nationality, etc…It is not transferable and is for a one time use only. This means every time you enter Spain, you must fill out the form again.

The form is simple and asks for your name, passport number, flight number, arrival date, email address and proof of vaccination. You can not enter Spain unless you are vaccinated or obtain special measures.


Once you complete the form, you will receive an email confirmation with the required QR Code. You can save this code to  your mobile phone or print it to carry it with you. You must present this form at border control.

You can access this form and further information here.

Please see below our Autumn dates for our most popular tour – the Last 100Km Camino Frances Tour. We hope to be able to share the Camino with pilgrims from all over the world this Holy Year 2021. Please contact us now for more information regarding our tours and how to ensure your place with us!

Dates for 2021:

If you want to book a self guided Camino tour with us and want to follow the information for yourself, you can access the Covid Pass Xunta App, which is an App from the local Galicia government providing information and services related to Covid Safety. The App is available in Gallego, Spanish and English.

Buen Camino!