Andaspain Camino Packing List 

Here at Andaspain we know planning for your Camino de Santiago adventure can be a little overwhelming. We are sharing our Camino packing list to help you prepare for your Camino adventure. We have been walking on the Camino for decades and have the expertise to provide our expert Andaspain Camino packing list.

Our advice is do not bring too much!  You can buy many things when you get here.  Also, the less you bring from home, the more room you will have to fill your suitcase full of souvenirs from the Camino!  

Camino Packing for your Clothes 

*A general tip -it´s best to bring clothes made from quick-drying “wicking” fabrics, rather than cotton.   

  • Waterproof jacket 
  • Quick-dry short-sleeved tops 
  • Quick-dry long-sleeved tops (even in summer, mornings can be cool!) 
  • Fleece pullover or jacket 
  • Quick-dry walking pants – the ones that zip off to make shorts are a good option 
  • Walking socks – there are numerous types – make sure that you have tested them out with your footwear! 
  • Wicking/sports undergarments are comfortable and practical 
  • Sun hat – with good sun protection for your face and neck 
  • A pair of gloves – for chilly early mornings 
  • A warm hat for mornings 
  • A pair of walking boots or shoes – the most important decision you will make when packing so make sure it´s the right one!  Test them out thoroughly before packing! 
  • A pair of shoes to wear at the end of the day.  Running shoes or walking sandals are a good option and can be used to walk in to give your feet a change of footwear 
  • Something casual to wear in the evenings 

*Optional –  your Camino packing list could include a pair of waterproof pants. Unless the weather is very cold, it is usually best to walk in shorts when it is raining as your skin is the best waterproof device!  However, if you can´t stand wet legs, it might be worth bringing some.

A Note on Laundry for your Camino packing list

On our fully guided tours, we sometimes stay in a hotel for two nights. This is when we suggest you to do laundry. Generally, our hotels provide a laundry service; or we can point you to a launderette in the larger Camino towns. Otherwise, the Camino ethos is wash and go!

If you are on a self-guided Camino tour, we can also book you in a hotel for more than one nights so you have the time to wash at the hotel, go to a launderette or wash and hang in your room. 

Other Camino Packing Suggestions:

  • Daypack for daily use – around 20 litres should be more than enough and make sure you test-run it before your trip.  One with a rain cover is handy.  Otherwise, you can pack your camera etc in plastic bags to keep dry in the rain. 
  • We recommend a hydration system such as Camelbak or similar.  We find these most convenient to ensure you keep hydrated.  But, if you prefer, a water bottle is fine. 
  • Earplugs – just in case of local fiestas which tend to go on all night… 
  • Some soap to wash your daily laundry with.  You can buy this here in Spain too. 
  • Clothes pegs for hanging up laundry overnight to dry. 
  • Any medication you need and if you prefer “over-the-counter” brands from your own country, bring them.  What you can buy in a pharmacy in Spain is different – sometimes you can buy things which you would expect to need a prescription for, others things you would expect to buy easily, you would need to see a doctor to get!  
  • Basic First Aid essentials including blister protection such as Compeed – you can buy more on the trail but it´s good to bring some just in case. 
  • Sunscreen – you can easily pick this up but best to start with some! 
  • Enough adaptors for your plug-in appliances (phone, camera etc).  It can be difficult to find adaptors for other parts of the world in Spain. 
  • Hiking quick dry towel – towels are always provided of course but handy to have one. 

What should I leave at home and not include in my Camino Packing list? 

It´s best not to bring valuables.  We will be moving around a lot and it´s very easy to forget things when you are packing your suitcase every day to move on to our next destination.  If you can´t live without a laptop/tablet, make sure you have everything backed-up before you leave home!  Also, be aware that WIFI availability and quality is not guaranteed everywhere.  

Can I bring my walking poles? 

If you would like to bring your walking poles, check with your airline about whether you need to check them in or carry them on.  If you need replacement poles or decide you would like to use walking poles once you are on the trail, you can easily pick some up.  We often have extra walking poles in our support van on our fully-guided group walking tours. 

 Do I need to buy a guide book or maps? 

Maps are not essential on the Camino for route finding, but does give you an idea of distances between villages, checkpoints etc.  On all of our Camino tours, we provide you with a book and set of maps to keep. On our fully-guided Camino tours, our guides will review them each day at our meeting and provide you with a daily walking map that you can carry with you. This map will include information such as the daily terrain, checkpoint locations, lunch spots, and highlights to see along the way. Also, other important items such as the best place to get a fun stamp!

Camino packing guideline

Remember, this list is a guideline of our suggested expert Camino packing list. We do find that you know yourself the best. You will know what your body and feet will need along The Way. And do not worry, should you be missing something along the journey, we can make sure you can locate that item in Spain. Our guides also often have back-up items should you find you have lost or forgotten something. At Andaspain, we do our best to make sure you have all you need for your Camino de Santiago! See you soon on the trail.


Photos by RCI Photography.