Private Camino Tours

Andaspain Walking Adventures provides private guided walking group tours. This means you can book one of our fully-guided walking tours as a private group; or you can create your own bespoke walking Camino tour. This means you and only your fellow pilgrims who you sign up for your walk, can be on this walk. There will be no other pilgrims who can sign up for your walking tour. From beginning to end, we will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly!

Group Size / Walking Distance:

Whether you are a group of 2 or 32, we have the expertise needed to create your personalized one of a kind Camino walking adventure. We are here to work with you to customize an itinerary that fits your group’s wants and needs. We have, in the past, created a Camino walking tour for 1 person and even up to 25 people.

This is your own private Camino tour. This means we help you decide your ideal walking days and average walking distance per day. We do this based on your group’s walking ability, as well as your motivation to walk. Perhaps you want to spend more time exploring the Camino towns at the end of the day. This means we will keep your walking distances shorter. Together, we will create the walking stages that are best for you and your group.

Who can book a private Camino tour?

Our private group walking tours are typically created for pilgrims wanting to come to Spain with friends or family, or for organizations or church congregations wishing to bring a group. We have arranged family walks with children, team-building excursions, cycling groups, yoga and meditation retreats, annual adventures among a group of friends, and multiple church groups over the years. Anyone can book a private trip with us!

Andaspain specialises in tailoring your tour to your groups needs. If you need a space at the end of the day for yoga or a team building chat, we can accommodate that for you. If you are a group of vegans who want to walk a portion of the Camino but are concerned about food options, our guides can ensure you are taking care of for all meals. We can even ensure we provide vegan picnic lunches. Please, whatever the request, let us know. We have yet to be unable to fulfill a private tour request. We do believe the Camino can be for everyone!

Guidance on our private Camino tours:

On all of our private Camino tours we have English/Spanish speaking guide/s. Generally, one guide walks with the group and the other is in the support vehicle providing checkpoints along the trail. Our checkpoints are spots where you check in with your tour guide. Here, we provide water and snacks. Our support vehicle is also at these checkpoints which means you can access any items you need during your walking day.  Such as a change of boots/clothes, rain jacket, change of sicks, etc. Or if need a break, you can ride in the van to the next checkpoint.

Our guides know the Camino like the back of their hands. Each day they will give you an overview of the walk ahead such as the type of terrain, potential weather, what points of interest to stop and see, etc. If you need support with anything – from asking for something in Spanish to getting to a doctor, we will be there to help. Whilst these are group trips we don ́t necessarily all walk together! We encourage you to walk at your own pace and enjoy the journey.

Our Food:

Our private Camino tours include all breakfasts, often all dinners and many lunches. We try to do gourmet picnic lunches along the way. This means our pilgrims can try the local foods in season.  We can also offer some variety and cater for pilgrims who have special food requirements.

For your private Camino tour, you can decide how many lunches and dinners you want included. We find a good balance is ideal so some meals your pilgrims get to explore the small Camino towns, while other nights you don’t even have to think about what or where you will eat! On the nights the group does not eat together, our guides always provide recommendations and can always help reserve and set up the meal.


We use a mixture of accommodation from modern hotels in larger towns, to small boutique hotels and beautiful farmhouses in smaller villages. Our groups always have a relaxing setting after a day of walking. We often finish a day walking and then shuttle a short distance away from the Camino into the surrounding countryside to ensure the best possible local places to stay. As a private group, you can determine the quality of accommodation you would like provided. You can also specify if you would like to stay right on the Camino; or if you are happy to stay slightly off the Camino.

Side Trips on your private Camino tour:

Andaspain can provide side trips off the Camino de Santiago. This means we can not only provide a private camino tour, but we can add on those cultural tours that you don’t want to miss in Spain. Over the years we have learned where the secret hidden gems are. We can help you do these side adventures before, after ,or during your Camino walk. Our guides have taking groups to experience the stunning Cares Gorge Trail in Asturias, a truffle museum in Navarra, and to experience the religious Shrine of Fatima. We are happy to explore with you in Spain and fulfill your travel desires, on and off the Camino!

The Compostela:

The Credencial, or pilgrim passport, is the modern equivalent of the “letters of safe-conduct.”  It is used to collect the official stamps along the way and proves you have walked the last 100km or biked the last 200km to Santiago de Compostela.

We will make sure that if your group would like to qualify for the Credencial, you will do so. Some groups may have already arrived at Santiago de Compostela and have obtained their certificate. This often means some of our private Camino tours do not want to walk into Santiago, but rather  want to focus on a different area in Spain, such as the Pyrenees or La Rioja. This means they understand they will not qualify for their Credencial. We create a tour specific to this need. Again, this option is up to you and your group’s desire.


We will spend time understanding your budget and your goals for your private Camino tour. This means we can work with you on the accommodation level, amount of meals that we include, tours included and other items. We work with you to deduct or add elements to your private camino tour to create your ideal walk. We know budget is important and we will do our best to provide a high quality Camino tour at your financial level.

Endless Options:

Below are some questions we ask for your private Camino tour so that we understand your goals for your Camino adventure!

  • How many days do you want to walk?
  • How many rest days would you like to have?
  • What distance would you like to walk per day (on average)?
  • How many gourmet Andaspain picnics would you like on your walk?
  • How many dinners would you like to be included?
  • Which town would you like to start/finish?
  • Do you want to walk the Last 100KM to qualify for your Compostela?
  • What is your group’s walking ability?
  • What is your group purpose or motivation to walk?
  • Would you like any private guided Cathedral tours?
  • What accommodation level would you prefer?
  • What tours off the Camino would you want? (For example wine tour, truffle tour, clog tour!
  • What are your “must-see” spots in Spain?

We cannot stress enough that the possibilities are endless. You can set your own dates and itinerary, whether you want five-star luxury , or an activity focused holiday. Likewise, you can choose to walk 5 kilometers a day or 40.

Please contact us to begin planning your Private Camino Tour Adventure! In the meantime, visit our webpage for some private Camino tour ideas!


Photography by RCI Photography.